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Beats Juices was launched in October 2019 by two friends, one with a degree in business administration and the other with a degree in engineering.

Observing the perspective of the rising vaporizers scenario , the entrepreneurs decided to start this project in e-liquids or juices (liquid for use in vaporizers).

The last months of 2019 were focused on the planning, study and hiring of technical staff, responsible for carrying out the project.

After this period, the Beats Juices brand started and since January 2020 the company has been looking for partners all over the country in order to consolidate itself as one of the biggest brands in the national market.


Our mission is to offer high quality juices, with creative recipes that have a unique flavor at a fair value.

We use selected ingredients from the best manufacturers in the international market, with USP degree of purity and Kosher certificate.
Our entire proposal is based on the concept of synesthesia, in which we seek to work on the senses of taste, hearing, smell and vision.

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